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The lender

The lender (from lat. creditor – veritel, from lat. credo – I believe) – any natural or legal person or even entity, one of the participants of civil legal relations (liabilities), which this obligation has the right to require the other party to the relationship of debtor (borrower) a certain behavior. The obligation may be several creditors (the so-called multiplicity of creditors.), each of them may demand from the debtor the performance of a particular share or, in the cases provided for in the contract or in law, in full (for example, when the indivisibility of the subject of the obligations under the joint issuance of guarantees, joint damage). Cm. civil liability)...
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Underwriting assessment of the capabilities of the Client service issued a mortgage loan, that is, the amount of the loan, which the borrower will be able to pay, taking into account the peculiarities of the borrower (type of employment, monthly income and the possibility of confirmation, the presence of co-borrowers or guarantors, family composition, the presence of minor dependents, etc). The client is in the process of underwriting twice: when referring to a mortgage broker (it is held by the underwriter brokerage company) before a contract for the provision of services, as well as in the Bank (conduct credit analysts) when considering an application for a mortgage loan.

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