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Tax Strategist Advises IRS Extensions Due to Natio

Tax Strategist Advises IRS Extensions Due to National Tragedy

by: ARA Content

(ARA) – Taxpayers and companies whose deadline for tax returns was September 17th or in coming weeks, are being granted extensions by the IRS due to the national tragedy which disrupted lives as well as flight delivery and mail services.
According to CPA and tax strategist Diane Kennedy of TaxCents, a tax education company that helps people make informed tax-advantaged financial decisions from a position of power and knowledge, “With heavy hearts, as we proceed to get back to business as usual, it’s important for taxpayers to be aware of the IRS’s granting of filing extensions for three categories of people affected by the terrorist attack and the tax filing relief for each...

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Mortgage lending

Mortgage lending is a long – term loan provided by a legal entity or individual banks secured by real estate: land, industrial and residential buildings, premises, structures[1]. The most common use case of a mortgage in Russia is buying a natural person apartment on credit. Laid down as a rule, newly purchased housing, although it is possible to lay and already owned an apartment[2]. Note that the mortgage is a public pledge. When the real estate mortgage, the registration authorities of the deal, make appropriate entries on the fact that the property pledged. Any interested person may request a statement from the State register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it...
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The property is mortgaged

Property which can be mortgaged is defined in article 5 of the Law on mortgage of the immovable referred to in article 130 of the civil code, the rights to which are registered in the procedure established for state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it. Such things include: land, except for land, referred to in article 63 of the Law on mortgage, enterprises, buildings, constructions and other real estate used in business, houses, flats and residential houses and apartments, consisting of one or several isolated rooms; villas, garden houses, garages and other buildings for consumer use; air and sea vessels, inland vessels and space objects.
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Mortgage contract

Mortgage contract (contract mortgage) – a mortgage that arises under the contract on mortgage (pledge of real estate). The contract of mortgage is not an independent obligation, as is the securing of obligations under the loan agreement, credit agreement or other obligation. Mortgage by virtue of the law differs from mortgage arising under contract, only the fact that the first occurs by direct reference in the law and is registered automatically with other Treaty even without the statements of the parties, and mortgage into force of the Treaty shall be registered under a separate statement of the parties...
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Mortgage by virtue of the law

Mortgage by operation of law (legal mortgage) – a mortgage that occur when certain facts stated in the law, regardless of the will of the parties in relation to the occurrence of the mortgage, when the transfer of ownership of property from one person to another, or rather, if the acquisition of the right new owner, provided the occurrence of certain legal facts. Mortgage by virtue of the law occurs in the following five major and common cases: the Purchase of houses, apartments, land plots with the use of credit funds of a Bank or other credit organization or funds of the trust loan. The construction of houses, buildings, structures or apartments with a mortgage loan or another credit institution or funds of the trust loan. Sale on credit. The rent. The pledge of property rights.
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