The Advantages Of Fleet Tracking

Commercial trucking companies utilize 18-wheelers every day. The commercial trucks follow preset routes for making deliveries on time. The routes also define the driving time required for each delivery. The company owner mitigates common risks associated with deliveries by installing GPS tracking. A local vendor provides Fleet Tracking devices for all trucking companies.

Compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Federal Motor Carrier Administration regulations define a resting period for all commercial drivers. Any driver who drives for at least twelve hours must complete an eight-hour rest period before driving again. The GPS tracking devices monitor the duration of time in which the driver has traveled. The company owner enforces the regulations by setting up alerts that designate the start time of each resting period.

Preventing Exhausted Driving

GPS tracking devices assist trucking company owners when scheduling routes for their drivers. Once the drivers accumulate a predetermined number of hours, each driver must take at least one day off. The protocol is in place to lower the risk of accidents due to exhausted driving. By installing the GPS devices, the company owner has more control over scheduling and mitigates common liabilities.

Updated Details About the Driver’s Location

The GPS devices provide updated information about the driver’s current location. The trucking company owner reviews the real-time statistics for each driver. The information helps them determine which drivers stay on course and which deviate for personal reasons. Overall, the details help the owner maintain on-time deliveries and acquire data for employee evaluations.

Historical Data Used After an Accident

Historical data is helpful after an accident happens. The GPS device tracks all locations where the truck traveled and stopped. The reports show if the driver stopped at an establishment that sells alcohol on their route. It also shows the speed at which the vehicle was traveling. The information is helpful when fighting against common liabilities.

Commercial trucking companies utilize 18-wheelers to complete vital business tasks. The large-scale vehicles travel great distances to deliver cargo to clients and other businesses. The company owners need accurate tracking options for maintaining control over the rigs and their drivers. Trucking companies that want more info contact a vendor now.